Clay Pigeon Shooting in London and the Home Counties

Clay Shooting Lessons and Experiences with Qualified Instructors for Individuals or Groups based near London
Telephone us on 07899 885641 up to 8pm, 7 days per week

Shoulder pads & smaller guns can be used
Shoulder pads & smaller guns can be used
Explanation of muzzle to clay pigeon
Explanation of muzzle to clay pigeon
Gun is always placed in correct part of shoulder
Gun is always placed in correct part of shoulder

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is it going to hurt me? My friend was bruised on her shoulder.”
There are 4 main reasons why shooting a Shotgun will hurt or bruise you.
1. The gun has not been fitted to you correctly.
2. You have not been shown how to hold it correctly.
3. The cartridges being used are unnecessarily too powerful for an inexperienced novice.
4. Your instructors may not have been professionally trained.
At our shooting ground, we take pride in our highly qualified and professional instructors they will select the correct fitting shotgun for each individual. Each client will be shown the correct way to hold the gun, and the sight picture needed to break the target. Low recoil cartridges are used for all participants, and gel shoulder pads can be issued to persons of slight or petite stature, thus ensuring a comfortable experience.

What about the noise?
All persons taking part will wear ear protection; this is compulsory, and a selection of different types is available. Electronic, speech enhancing ear defenders are used as a substitute to the client when it is their turn to shoot; this enables the client and the Instructor to converse privately with each other, without the need to raise voices, but will not let the noise from the shotgun become intrusive.

What should I wear?
Sensible clothing according to the weather, at our shooting ground, shooting areas are graveled, so Wellingtons or boots are unnecessary, everyday footwear is fine, however high heels are not advisable.
If possible, avoid wearing a Bra with a metal clasp near the shoulder pocket.
Appropriate shooting jackets in most sizes are available if needed.

I don’t think I will do very well. Will I hit anything?
If you have tried clay shooting before and hit nothing, it was probably your Instructors fault and not yours. At our shooting ground we pride ourselves on experienced and highly professional instruction, which is second to none, for all shooters. We offer a ‘full’ money back guarantee to any client, should we fail to get you to achieve.
We are proud to state…. this has never happened!

I wear Glasses, will this handicap me?
This is not a problem; we have many ways of ensuring that clients are able understand, and be able see the correct sight picture to shoot.
Eye dominance issues are checked and addressed before any shooting starts, giving each person an equal chance to do well.

Do I need a license to shoot?
Legal requirements
At, you do not need to be a shotgun certificate holder to shoot at our ground. We hold a current Police exemption certificate, (Section 11.6), allowing us to teach novice shooters. * Conditions apply *
However we cannot allow anyone to shoot who has consumed alcohol or illegal drugs prior to the event, or is prohibited by law from being in possession of a firearm. (Section 21 firearms act 1968, amended 1998). We would ask that organizers make this clear to all persons attending.
If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact Pete or James who will do their very best to make your day with us a special one.

Is your London Ground easy to find?
Yes, we are based right off J12 on the M1, approx 20 miles outside London, once you leave the London M1 at J12 you will be at our ground within 2 minutes.