Clay Pigeon Shooting in London and the Home Counties

Clay Shooting Lessons and Experiences with Qualified Instructors for Individuals or Groups based near London
Telephone us on 07899 885641 up to 8pm, 7 days per week

Progress to shooting 2 targets together
Progress to shooting 2 targets together
If you miss you should be able to tell us where you missed
If you miss you should be able to tell us where you missed
Little or no recoil is experienced
Little or no recoil is experienced

Terms and Conditions

All the events booked by the client shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. The reading of these conditions by the client shall be deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Information:
The client shall provide on request all such information that is available and relevant to the event, to enable Lee Leisure to make an informal assessment of its obligation to provide the service required.

2. Price:
The price payable is that set out in the invoice, and or the price verbally agreed by the two parties and confirmed in writing or by e-mail.

3. Payment:
A minimum 30% non returnable booking fee is required to secure your activity and venue requirements, the balance to be paid 14 days prior to the event unless otherwise arranged in writing between the two parties.

4. Cancellation:

(a) By the client. Lee Leisure must be notified of event cancellations and the following charges shall apply: If more than 60 days notice is given there will be a 20% charge of the total price. 60 to 31 days notice 40% of the total price. 30 to 15 days notice 50% of the total price. 14 days notice or less is subject to 100% of the total price.

(b) By Lee Leisure. Lee leisure reserves the right to cancel the event if the balance of the total price, has not been received 14 days prior to the event without alternative arrangements being made in writing.
Due to circumstances beyond the control of the company but not limited to War, Fire, riot or industrial action. In these circumstances Lee Leisure shall have no liability to make any payment to the client or refund any part of the price.
However, Lee Leisure shall endeavour to make alternative arrangements at another date/ venue.

5. Postponement or alteration to the event:
Lee Leisure undertakes to make every effort to provide the service as outlined on the booking request confirmation, but reserves the right to change the venue (except where this is provided by the client or their agent) and activities, if this is necessary due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

6. Guest attendance:
The client shall not be entitled to any reduction in the price if the guest numbers be lower than that stated in the original booking confirmation. Any per head priced mentioned in a proposal is for information only and is an indication only of that price as part of a total price. Additional guests added to the agreed figure may be charged at a price per head as an extra.

7. Additional Services:
Additional services requested by the client, on the day of the event and not included in the original booking confirmation, will be invoiced and payable within seven days after the issue date of the invoice. Additional services requested prior to the event shall be invoiced and payable prior to the event unless agreed in writing by both parties.

8. Liability of Lee Leisure:
Lee Leisure will exercise all reasonable care while conducting the event according to the requirements of the booking confirmation, but will except no liability whatsoever for any damage, loss or injury suffered by the client or any guest of the client during the event.

9. Company Authority:
The Client agrees that Lee Leisure have full authority during the event and shall comply with any request, instruction or order made by Lee leisure and its staff.

10. Alcohol Drugs and the law:
Under normal circumstances, no alcohol shall be consumed or made available until after the cessation of all driving and shooting events. Lee Leisure and its staff shall have full authority to intervene if there is any suspicion about the mis-use of drugs or alcohol. Persons prohibited by law from holding a firearm will not be able to shoot under any circumstances.

The Clients statutory rights are not affected